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Order xenon lamp Shantou University laboratory!    [2010-7-22,566]
Harbin Institute of Technology to our order high and low temperature synthesis chamber!    [2010-7-22,538]
Guangzhou Honda to my company ordered by alternating hot and humid laboratory acceptance!    [2010-7-22,560]
Test Technology Research Institute with China cooperation!    [2010-7-22,562]
Ozone aging chamber through authoritative department!    [2010-7-22,489]
Changchun Automotive Lighting Co., Ltd. Hung Tak I placed an order to multiple devices!    [2010-7-22,489]
Sinosteel Luoyang Institute of Refractories ordered low temperature!    [2010-7-22,500]
高低温交变湿热试验室通过验收!    [2010-5-6,295]
庆祝江苏省质量技术监督局与我公司合作成功!    [2010-4-26,342]
恒温恒湿试验室通过南京理工大学验收!    [2010-4-20,271]
电子部36所向我公司订购的超低温试验箱!    [2010-4-7,337]
祝贺公司网站改版成功!!!    [2010-4-7,266]
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