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Shanghai FuQi Testing Equipment Co.,Ltd. located in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Park, Feng Jing, is the earliest development of the business environment of test equipment, is the domestic production of such products, widest range of businesses. After years of development and accumulation of various types of environmental testing equipment in the development, main products are high and low temperature, low temperature, high temperature humidity test chamber, test chamber, high and low temperature impact test chamber, deep cold box , cooling box and the large test chamber, in particular high temperature, humidity series laboratory salt spray test chamber, room temperature aging test, rain, dust, light the systematic construction of laboratories have accumulated rich experience.

More than 160 company employees, including senior engineers, engineers, more than 10. The factory covers over 13,000 square meters, the company passed the ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System Certification! With technology-based, quality first, excellence in entrepreneurship, Fu Qi technology strictly follow the ISO9001-2000 quality management system for management and production, leading products are: high and low temperature (room), hot and humid chamber (room), salt fog chamber (room), dust, rain, light aging test equipment such as climate and environment. Clients across the country, involving military, aerospace, instrumentation, home appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, industrial materials, universities, research institutes, quality control measures, the State Quality Inspection Center and other industries and sectors.

The company's position in the industry and influence as time goes by Yu Jian, and won the China Instrument Society, members of the Institute laboratory equipment, environment and reliability of the professional committee members, China Electronic Production Equipment Committee member.

Our goal: create a domestic leading level of equipment, our commitment; to the best quality, best service return customers!

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