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High and low temperature

�� High and low temperature
High and low temperature performance index reaches the national standard GB10592-89 high-temperature test chambers, applied to GB/T2423.1 ~ 2 "electric and electronic products, basic environmental testing procedures for test A: low-temperature test methods, test B: high-temperature test methods "the product low and high temperature test.
High and low temperature using the most advanced temperature control approach - balanced temperature regulation, which will automatically get the temperature to low temperature, low temperature to high temperature or by a reliable, accurate test temperature.
The main components of this class of products imported parts, excellent performance, good looks, high reliability in a laboratory environment, ideal for test equipment.
High and low temperature performance characteristics:
1, with a very wide temperature control range from -80 �� ~ +150 �� temperature range to choose from, can meet user needs.
2, using a unique way of balancing thermostat can adjust the temperature of the ideal environment for a stable balance of heating capacity and can be of high precision, high stability temperature control.
3, the temperature is controlled by God, Hong Kong, Japan, Fuji, Chino KP1000-based process control instrumentation.
4, the chamber has a set value with the temperature cooling circuit automatically selects the operation of the function, simple operation.
5, the temperature inside the test set using the keyboard settings, enabling easy set up, instruments with error correction, adjusted conditions obtain more accurate test.
6, chamber door with viewing window with light, can easily observe the test sample test state.
7, with the boot function of temperature, can open the box when the temperature is 80 �� cooler rapid cooling, the user can easily carry out continuous high temperature, low temperature.
8, the refrigeration system using air cooling of the condensation method, using the closed compressor (imports).
High and low temperature technology parameters
Temperature range: -20 ��, -40 ��, -60 ��, -70 ��, -80 �� --- +100 �� (+150 ��)
Temperature uniformity: �� 2 ��
Temperature fluctuation: �� 0.5 ��
Heating rate: �� 2 - 3 �� / min
Cooling rate: �� 0.7 ~ 1 �� / min
Ambient temperature: +5 �� - 35 ��
Standard Configuration: 1, 2 observation windows, test lead hole 3, 4, moisture-proof lighting, stainless steel sample holder insulation body: ultra-fine glass fiber recycling system: Stainless steel blades, single cycle, low noise centrifugal fan safety devices: power leakage protection , super-pressure compressor, thermal over-current protection,
Overload fuse protection, fan overheating protection, voice alarm.
Power Supply: AC380V or 220V +10% 50Hz

High and low temperature type specification

High and low temperature low temperature high and low temperature chamber humidity chamber of high temperature thermostat humidity chamber
The lowest thermal aging test chamber high and low temperature heat chamber Programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber fast temperature change chamber Test Chamber Thermal Shock
Xenon weathering test chamber ozone aging chamber UV light weathering chamber salt spray test chamber sand and dust test chamber vibration test bed
Rain chamber box high and low temperature low pressure chamber, vacuum oven large track-type high-temperature box high temperature test chamber
Constant temperature drying oven electric oven / oven with a turntable of high temperature chamber heat aging test chamber
The thermal aging test chamber with turntable -style thermostat at confining electric thermostat at dripping test device mold chamber

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